We have years of experience of designing, delivering and monitoring major training programmes for business leaders and staff in the agri-food, tourism and hospitality sectors. We deliver practical programmes combined with the latest research and knowledge. We also spend a lot of time researching the transfer of best practice  and integrating this into the programmes we deliver for our customers. We continually innovate in our approach and delivery.

Due to the sheer size of our training portfolio it is not possible to list all the courses that we offer on our website. Subsequently, category areas are listed here with some sample courses. Much of the work we undertake is also bespoke and based on our individual customer needs.

Examples of our most recent training programmes

  • Training to establish Food & Tourism Experience Hubs

  • In Company Strategy Development

  • Pivoting the hospitality and tourism sectors post COVID

  • Business Start

  • Business Growth

  • Tender Bidding

  • Grant Applications

  • Customer Care Training

  • E commerce

  • Establishing Food & Tourism Trails

  • Training for Performance Review